Lois Flood

Lois Flood, solo dancer and founder of LoIsadora Dance Theater, will perform the stunning historical classical dances of the legendary Isadora Duncan (1877-1927). Lois has been performing the exquisite dances of Isadora Duncan for over 25 years. Her interpretations are widely recognized for their dynamic, expressive and dramatic qualities. She is also acknowledged for her sensitive and profound musicality as she creates visual music though movement. She has performed and taught master classes in NYC, Paris and San Francisco. Lois is well known in the Northern California area, where she performs lecture/dance programs at theaters, museums and colleges. 

Isadora was a California Native Daughter; she was born in San Francisco. She introduced a revolutionary way of expressing herself through dancing and is credited as the Mother of Modern dance. Her influences include Nature, Greek Ideals and Classical Music, creating a beautiful expressive dance based on natural movements. The selection of historical dances were choreographed by Isadora and passed on to Lois by the second generation of Duncan Dancers.

A stunning selection of music by Chopin, Schubert and Gluck accompany the dances. The dances are created to express universal human emotions ranging from the dramatic and lyrical to the heroic. A few of the dances interpret Greek Myths, all dances are lively and expressive, most are no longer than four minutes. Lois will include a narrative describing Isadora's many contributions that helped open a path for new ideas in Art and Politics.Isadora spent many years traveling to Russia where she was known for her progressive political views and her influence on the Russian Ballet. She had new ideas about improving childhood education by adding art and movement to the curriculum. Isadora was always in sympathy with the downtrodden. Her views on women's issues were far reaching and many years ahead of her time. She is often considered a symbol of Women's Emancipation.

Judith I Am, artist will read quotes by Isadora Duncan and famous people who saw Isadora Dance. The program is both culturally enriching and entertaining.